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Low‑Carbon High‑Performance WordPress Hosting & Maintenance

Over my 15-year web development career, I’ve seen traditional website hosting providers increasingly fall short of supporting the dynamic needs of modern websites. I founded to offer a premium WordPress hosting and maintenance solution for eco-friendly businesses, aiming to enhance website performance while reducing carbon emissions.
Eliot Webb
Eliot Webb - Founder & Director

How Does Your Website Perform?

Our analysis tool is currently processing multiple complex computations to accurately determine your website's page size, loading times, and CO2 emissions per visit. Some very large websites can take up to 2 minutes for us to retreive and process this data.
We use the WebPageTest API for precise measurement of page size and loading times. This tool operates in a controlled environment with real browsers and consumer-grade network connections, mimicking actual user conditions to ensure accurate results.
We calculate our CO2 emissions estimates using the co2.js library, which is a leading open-source tool for reliable CO2 calculations. This data is derived from, ensuring our estimates are up-to-date and accurate.
Did you know: The internet uses 416.2 TWh annually—more than the UK's total consumption. This includes everything from data centers and networks to our personal devices, producing emissions comparable to the global aviation industry. Source: Website Carbon
Did you know: On average, each web page view generates about 0.8 grams of CO2 equivalent. A website with 10,000 monthly views emits 102 kg of CO2e annually, equivalent to an average family car driving about 921 kilometers, based on the global average of 111 grams CO2 per kilometer for new cars in 2022 Sources: EEA & The Green Web Foundation

Common Problems Reflect Poorly on Your Business

  • Slow load times create a frustrating user experience, users leave your website.
  • Errors, downtime or security issues negatively impact your company’s image.
  • Both factors create a bad first impression of your quality of service.
  • Large file sizes create excess data transfer and increase energy usage.
  • Poor website architecture further increases server demand and energy usage.
  • Both factors significantly increase a website’s carbon footprint.

How We Solve These Problems

1. Migrate

Our first step is make sure your website is hosted on the high performance and sustainable server:

We seamlessly transition your existing website to our ultra-fast, ultra-reliable servers powered entirely by renewable energy, without any interruption to service.

Although a critical step, moving to a greener or more premium hosting solution by itself does not reduce excess data demand or address whether a website is correctly configured and maintained, so we do not stop there…

2. Upgrade

Next, we conduct a series of updates on your website to fully optimise it in key areas including (but not limited to):

Security & Reliability: We perform updates of all redundant software, check & correct error logs, replace depreciated code and upgrade security

Speed & Performance: Specific file types are optimised to reduce size, caching and compression are added to further reduce data transfer.

Key SEO Metrics: Additionally we also optimise key on-site SEO metrics to ensure the website is visible on search engines.

3. Maintain

Finally, after your optimised website is seamlessly deployed, we continue to monitor and maintain it, 24hrs a day, in service critical areas including:

Uptime: Unlike other hosting providers, we monitor the uptime of your website 24/7 to ensure it is always online and available.

Security: Our specialist software prevents attacks on the website by hackers and blocks suspicious IP addresses to reduce server demand.

Updates: All software is kept up-to-date, backed up and error checked 24/7, this includes monthly reports emailed directly to you.

Why Us?

Free 1 month trial & clear pricing
Powered by 100% renewable energy
Fully managed premium WordPress hosting
Bespoke website speed updates included
Bespoke data (co2) reduction included
Error log audit and fixes included
Automatic WordPress updates
Daily backups & uptime monitoring
Faster than your current host promise
Web developers available
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