Website Audit

Performance Metrics

With an overall Performance Metric of 89/100 the website has a good baseline for providing an excellent user experience. With a few adjustments this score can be greatly improved.

Additionally, the site has a very good home page page size at 0.36mb. We would recommend image compression, page caching and script minification (in addition to other updates) to further improve the first paint of 0.31s and loading time of 2.3s, but overall this is an excellent foundation to build on.

SEO Metrics

With an overall SEO Score of 84/100 the website has room for improvement. With 5 Warnings and 8 Failures there are severals areas which can be improved on as detailed in the downloadable PDF report.


Most of the WordPress sites we handle tend to harbor outdated plugins or themes, presenting potential security risks. Many of these sites lack adequate security measures, with instances of outdated PHP versions and deprecated code being common occurrences. To mitigate potential security and performance issues, we strongly advise maintaining a baseline level of upkeep, ensuring all components are regularly updated and monitored on the site.

Performance Grade


Initial Load: 0.31s
Fully Loaded: 2.3s
Page Size: 0.36mb
SEO Score


Checks Passed: 60
Warnings: 5
Checks Failed: 8

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